There are, so far as I am aware, predominately two different types of award: those given by peers in the industry (usually for specific projects) and those that are voted for by the public (usually a measure of your service).

In April 2016 we were nominated on two architect’s projects for an LABC Building Excellence award. This is an award decided on by our peers in the construction industry. The LABC is the Local Authority Building Control and their awards focus on the elements needed to create excellent buildings, including craftsmanship, technical innovation, and “a special relationship with LABC that solves technical problems…” and “creates a new solution”.

Once again, we were up alongside some amazing projects, all at a very high standard. Consequently, when we were awarded a Highly Commended Award for our work with ARC design on Park Drive, we were really thrilled.

The Grafters award falls into the latter category. So, what does our winning this award tell you about our company?

Being nominated for an award, as such a young company, was a real honour and surprise, and we really didn’t think we would win it. We were in a competitive category, going up against some very large companies who could surely garner lots of votes. Nevertheless, we contacted our customers, everyone from our regular architects, developers and contractors, to the homeowners who we may have only helped with small one-off projects, and told them of our nomination.

On the night, we donned our glad-rags and went to mingle – having first prepared our “Oscars faces” in readiness for a likely defeat. We were surprised and delighted to win. To us it meant that we had helped people to such an extent that they were willing to take the time to vote for us; the quality of our service, and the relationships we had developed meant that people valued our work enough to take the time to get involved.

Award Winning can mean lots of things to different people. At STL it means recognition for excellent work and great relationships with construction professionals and homeowners.