STL Projects Ltd

These are visual inspections of all types of buildings where structural damage or movement has taken place.
Have you had a Valuation or Home Buyers survey carried out on your prospective property that has raised concerns with regards its structural stability?

Do you need advice about the cause and possible rectification of structural damage/movement?
Then we can provide you with the further structural advice you require. We can carry out a full survey of the property or limit our inspection to a specific area of damage. Generally, we are able to determine the cause of damage without undertaking any intrusive surveys but where movement has taken place that involves the foundations or structure embedded within fabric of the building then trial holes or localised intrusive inspections are the normal course of action. If this is warranted then we will advise you of this and arrange for these to be carried out and provide suitable recommendations for any stabilisation measures and repairs.

Our fees to arrange such investigations vary depending on the location and scope of works.

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